A.C.E. +
2 SIZES : 30 ml/ 1 Fl.oz. & 60 ml/ 2 Fl. Ounce
Best Support for Over Stressed Adrenals !
Note to New Customers: If you have never used Adrenal Hormone Extract in Sublingual Form, please call our So.Calif. office to discuss if appropriate for your case.

Sublingual absorption is 3 to 10 times higher than oral gastric administration. Our sublingual formula is approx. 85-90% as effective as I.V. (which is no longer available).. Glandular pills by law cannot contain any active hormone, otherwise they'd be classed as a drug. Glandular pills formulas have no active hormones in them.
We're a direct distributor for the Manufacturer. Made in the USA, not China or Mexico. We only use pharmaceutical grade glandulars from Free Range Grass Fed Organic Bovine from New Zeland or Australia bred for pharmaceutical manufacture.
Background and Development
Thomas Addison described in 1855 the sundrome of adrenal insufficiency,known todays as Addison's Disease. In the 1920's, Adrenal Cortex Extract (A.C.E.) was introduced into the medical community. From 1930 to 1975 when synthetic cortisone replaced ACE the therapeutic effects for a wide range of maladies were documented with no negative side effects when used as directed. Adrenal cortex extract has shwn to be effective for hypoglycemia, inflammation, drug and alcohol withdrawl, stress management, trauma, allergies, and of course Addison's Disease. Due to recent FDA rulings, i.v. A.C.E. was lost to medicine, but has been re-introduced in a sublingual form as a glandular extract.
Phamacology on A.C.E.
Adrenal cortex extract exhibits a biological activity equivalent to that of 100 micrograms of hycrocortisone, and it contains a suitable antibacterial agent.
The adrenal extract has shown more effective in management of adrenal insufficiency and hypo-function of the adrenal gland, adrenal cortex extracts correct the abnormality in carbohydrate metabolism. A.C.E. also maintains normal capillary permeability and helps in resistance to infection and stress of all types and increases the number of circulating lymphocytes and decreases serum gamma globulin content.
Comparison -- Why Ours Is Superior
Most ACE products available on the market are being manufactured by a Dietary Supplement Manufacturer (like ABCO) and marketed to Compounding Pharmacies (who don't compound this anymore), or Retail through professional supplement companies, etc. They are not using certified pharmaceutical manufacturing chemists like we do. They're using food grade glandular material, and can't use pharmaceutical grade because they're not certified to do so. Our product is considerably stronger because we're using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer. We sell wholesale to licensed doctors and practitioners or directly to our patients. FDA prohibits retailing this to healthfood stores or other non-licensed retailers of these products.
It is not possible to do a straight across comparison between ours and other ACE products out there. Since our raw material is considerably stronger using a mcg.-to-mcg. comparison isn't useful since our raw material base is multiple times stronger.
We declare "USP-NF" which means US Pharmacopea/ National Formulary which is the pharmaceutical designation for medical products. You won't find this on dietary supplement product labels because they aren't medical. You'll only find basic mg. or mcg. designation which is volume. It tells you nothing of the strength or type of raw material being used. We offer 2 strengths available. Regular 3x and "+" which is our 5x Extra Strength for those who need stronger support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Saliva testing is now known to be extremely inaccurate, as is blood serum alone. Therefore, We recommend doing a Adrenal or Comprehensive DUTCH test combined with a comprehensive chemistry panel including ACTH level to determine pathways and metabolites. This gives the most accurate picture of hormone levels and pathways and helps prevent over or under treatment. This test requires a professional consultation prior to doing the test since it is only available for licensed professionals.
For more information, see: DUTCH Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones

A.C.E + Extra Strength (5X)
Serving Size: 3 sprays (0.333 ml)
No. Servings per Container: 90
Amount Per Serving % DV
5x USP-NF* 6 mcg. Adrenal Cortex Ext.Ý
Full spectrum ACE extract with all 28 cortex fractions except adrenaline which has been removed
(Grass Fed Bovine Origin-New Zealand or Australian)
Other Ingredients: Purified water, Organice Vegetable Glycerine (non-soy); Glycine; Organic Grain Alcohol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Sorbate, natural flavoring. No added sugar or salt. Hypoallergenic. No Soy or soy extracts, no glutens, corn, dairy or egg.
Ý No daily value established
* USP-NF is "US Pharmacopia equivalent National Formulary units" which is international pharmacological idenification
Use Instructions: For those suffering from an Acute Deficiency, it requires a tissue loading dose, which typically is 8-12 sprays up to 2-3 times per day or as directed or until the desired results, for a minimum of 5 days. Patients who are in acute exhaustion may need to combine with RX hydrocortisone. Patients with Adrenal Fatigue should maintain higher levels for a few weeks or as directed by medical professional. Thyroid patients should use for a few weeks and then reassess.
Then drop back to maintenance level of 2-3 sprays under the tongue per day Or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Maintenance Level: 1 spray2 times per day or as directed by healthcare professional.
Note: Individuals who are not sleeping well due to high cortisol may find that if they use 2 sprays 2-3 times per day that they'll get sleepy as the endocrine feedback system adjusts to not working so hard. Therefore we suggest being at home in a place you can sleep if needed just in case you have this response. It is rare but does happen. We also offer a low dose product called STRESS BUSTER StressBusterSleep Aid + Adrenal Support
NOTE: It is important to maintain sufficient B6,B12, Folic & Magnesium and natural Sodium, Selenium and natural Iron to increase Ferritin should be used if that is an issue. Higher metabolism can use these nutrients up faster. CAUTION: Diabetics using insulin will need to monitor your levels. You may need to lower the dose.
Packaging: 30 ml./ 1 fl. oz.or 50 ml/ 1.7 fl.oz. Brown Glass spray Bottles
30 ml./ 1 Fl. oz. $65.00 ea.
50 ml / 2 Fl. oz. $115.00
Save 10% if you buy a 3 Pack. Note: Multiple bottles are only available for those already on it, not for new customers who have never used it.

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