Shark Liver Oil
(Minimally Processed Deep-Sea Oil Capsules)
While there are many natural compounds and remedies that stimulate the immune system, there are few that actually regenerate the immune system. One of the most effective remedies to help regenerate the immune system is natural shark liver oil rich in alkyglycerols and squalene. Cold Processed to reduce excess Vitamin A and reduce heavy metals like PCBs, lead, arsenic.
To understand that fully, one might compare it to building up your body's strength in order to have more stamina and endurance, as compared wiwth stimulating the body with a chemical, say cocaine. Both will give your body the extra energy, but one is short term with negative side effects.
Alkyglycerols and squalene are compounds that exist naturally in your body. Alkyglycerols are found mainly in immune-related organs such as the spleen, liver, bone marrow, while squalene is involved in many cellular processes and is an important constitutent of the skin, which is the body's largest organ.
Alkyglycerols assist the stem cells in their production of blood, and help strengthen the healthy cells of the body. Squalene's basic function is to assist in supplying oxygen to the cells.
ALKYGLYCEROLS (AKGs) Highest in Shark Liver Oil
As with much of our food supply, contamination from pollution is a major concern--as is the stripping of healthful constituents through heat and other refining processes. To avoid contamination and the need for harsh refining processes, our shark oil has gone to extraordinary trouble to assure a product that is free of pesticides, heavy metals and PCB's. Many do not understand the difference between alkyglycerols and di-acylglycerol ethers (DAGE), claiming the amount of DAGE as alkyglycerols on the label. Our oil contains 120 mg. of alkyglycerols from 310 mg. of DAGE, meaning that alkyglycerols are part of the DAGE molecule, not the same as the DAGE molecule. Basically you want 20% AKG content.
Only deep water sharks caught in the pristine waters of the South Pacific, New Zealand and Southern Australia, swimming at depths of 3000-5000 ft., are used. Our manufacturer's fishing vessels collect the livers immediately and deep freeze them, the livers are of such a pure quality when they are rendered that no harsh chemicals or treatment is necessary to remove contaminants or reduce rancidity and oxidation. In light of the liver being the "pollution filter" of the shark, it is critical that one knows where the sharks are caught and what quality assurance procedures are incorporated in the processing of the oil.
Alkyglycerls have anti-angiogenic (shutting down blood vessel formation) properties which is important where too much vascularization is bad like in tumors and vascular malformations. The drug companies have attempted to mimick the action by making synthetics (i.e.Avastin®) which have horrible side effects, all so they can patent the substance and make $ for shareholders. Natural sources of AKGs are more effective since they contain the entire natural matrix, not an isolated synthetic compound. (By the way, this is the excact mechanism of other anti-tumor agents like Brazilian Paw Paw / Graviola). Shark Liver Oil is THE BEST Anti-angiogenic on the planet.
Most companies providing shark liver oil are buying it commercially from countries like Sweden, Norway, etc. and then packaging it and selling it. Our supplier is the direct manufacturer which means they catch the sharks, process the livers on board by flash freeze drying, then bring it back to their S.Calif. plant for purification and processing and then packaging in their own plant. They control the entire process from procurement through end product. There is nothing used from China or other Asian countries. The products are all made in the USA by Americans from a family-owned company, to the highest standards available.
For Healthy Adults not fighting cancer or conditions, we recommend taking 2-3 capsules per day, either prior to a meal or prior to bedtime. To reach the full benefit of the Living Synergy™ Shark Liver Oil product, our recommendation is that it will take one month of supplementing for every decade one has lived.
For Radiation or Chemo patients who have damaged bone marrow, 1200 mg. daily of the AJG fraction is what studies show beneficial. In order to get that much AKG, you'll need 3-4 caps per dose, 3 times per day min. We suggest a broad spectrum digestive enzyme with Lipase in it for those who don't handle oil well.
Taking it with lemon water cuts the smell.
Shark Liver Oil product is an excellent child's supplement. With human mothers' milk being rich in alkyglycerols, children will benefit from shark liver oil. It is recommended that pregnant and lactating mothers take 2-3 caps per day, and they add one capsule of shark liver oil to the baby's diet every other day once they stop breast feeding, or from 6 mos. of age. Children from age 4 and up should take one cap daily. The best way to give it to children is to puncture the capsule and put it into a spoon with fruit juice like orange juice, low sugar lemonade, sugar free jam or apple sauce.
With bacterial and viral infections being rampant amongst children, especially in daycare environments.
As referenced above, what is even more important than what is claimed in terms of squalene and alkyglycerols is how the oils have been processed, affecting bioavailability and the integrity of the active ingredients. Minimal processing means maximum efficacy.
250 mg. soft gel caps. 100 softgel caps $18.95 / 200 softgel caps for $35.00

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