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In 1924, Edgar Cayce gave reading number 4697-1, which outlined an herbal tincture that he described as a blood purifier and also it worked to eliminate sarconomas. The reading was done for Dr. Hoxey, a veterinarian from Texas. Hoxey's story was he claimed he had a prize stallion which developed cancer and he put it out to pasture to die, but instead he discovered it lived and thrived. He said he watched what it ate and that's where the formula came from (instead of giving any credit to Edgar).
His son Harry, who was a bright entreprenuer millionaire, decided it was worth manufacturing and opened cancer clinic (17 clinics across the U.S.) treating over 10,000 patients. Harry claimed a 70+% cure rate.
After multiple years of court fights and imprisonment of Harry Hoxey Jr., the FDA and "Big Pharma" (who could not allow a "non patentable" substance taking away their business) in one day, swept in and closed all 17 clinics simultaneously. Hoxey then moved the clinic to Tijuana, Mexico, where he installed his long time nurse Mildred Nelson to run it. It is still in operation to this day desite the death of Mildred from cancer several years ago (she was a heavy smoker). We knew Mildred.
It is remarkeably similar in formulation to another herbal remedy which was an old American Indian formula which Canadian nurse Rene Cassie (prouncaed "Case" and no way related to Edgar Cayce), made and used to treat cancer called Essiac which has been popularized again in recent years. She had documented some amazing results which authorities tried to suppress too after her many attempts at validation through clinical trials and medical channels.

This is the ORIGINAL formula from Edgar Cayce that Harry Hoxey stole and modified and then took to Mexico to start his Cancer Clinic over 60 years ago. Our chemist, which manufacturers our Electridine products makes this for us according th Cayce's dictation given in 1924, originally given to Hoxey, who changed it and then he and his son marketed it.
We knew Mildred, Hoxey's nurse, personally, from our work at our Cancer Clinic (Europa Institute of Integrated Medicine) in Tijuana since 1988 and the scam is quite well known there. The original formula works well for many things including detoxification, however Hoxey changed it and what they sell at the clinic now as "Hoxey Formula" is NOT the original formula from Cayce. This one is.
The instructions Cayce gave say that the ingredients used are to be made as a "Fluid Extract" and by definition in the US National Formulary ("NF") and USP (Pharmacopeia) that means it must be cold extracted with 50/50 mix of pure alcohol and water. However, Cayce wanted to use 100% alcohol since the active components are fat soluable. So we never use any water and we never use heat. It is NEVER boiled. Many who claim to make the formula from this reading fail to include the wild cherry bark and yellow dock root, which Cayce called for in the formula
The Wild crafted herbs used are ground in an industrial grade Fitz mill, then agitated in 125 gallon Lee Stainless Kettle for 60 days in order to get the most complete biological extraction. These are very potent 1:1 extracts which results in a thick viscous mixture whch demands huge gear motors to agitate and large specialized pumps to get it out of the vat for separation by conventional pharmaceutical separation equipment. This painstakenly made by hand in small batches, the old fashioned way, to prevent degradation of the active components through heat, with extreme attention to detail in order to produce only the highest quality product. It means making small batches but quality is of utmost importance to insure consistent quality.
FORMULA 4697.1
Liquid Herbal Tincture in organic grain alcohol. Cold Extraction Method.
Ingredients: A Proprietary Blend of Wild crafted and Organic Herbs when possible. Tincture of Stillingia Root, Burdock Root, Poke Root, Yellow Dock Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Electridine Active Iodine, Beet Syrup. No added preservatives except the alcohol tincture base. No flavorings or coloring agents.
(NOTE: Current Cancer Research in either Alternative or Traditional Oncology would never give Cancer patient's iron (Yellow Dock Root) or Sugar (Beet Syrup--very little in it, just enough to offset the bitterness...). Despite these short comings, this formula has a long history of being used for sarcomas and other solid tumors...we've used it at our clinic for many years.
DIRECTIONS; Shake Well. Take 1-2 teaspoons 4 times daily in pure water, or as directed. Make sure one dose is at bedtime. Keep cool and light free but do NOT refrigerate. CAUTION: Keep away from children. Not for nursing or pregnant mothers.
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