USP Grade Topical Oil
Safely Helps Thicken Thinning Skin & Tissues Which Atrophy With Age
There are 3 Different Estrogens in humans:
#1 (E1) 17-ß-Estradoil) Highest % made by ovaries, liver, etc. Also, most Carcinogenic when supplemented. This is the kind which can cause Cancer. It builds up from exposure from Xenoestrogens from plastics and chemicals in the environment, etc.
#2 (E2) Estrone. This is primarily made by the placenta when pregnant and is usually low otherwise.
#3 (E3) Estriol: This is produced by the ovaries and is widely and successfully used and accepted as BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) in Japan, Europe & Scandinavia.
Because Estriol occurs naturally, it cannot be patented. Most Prescription versions are a complex like Biest® made by Wyeth Pharma. However 17-ß-Estradoil is a primary carcinogen and can cause blood cots, increased breasts, etc. Estriol is not believed to have these same risks and in fact helps offset the toxic effects of E1.
This product is in a specfic oil base so that it does not disturb the delicate pH balance of the vaginal tract. When applied directlly to the tissues, it has been reported to be extremely effective at restoring tissue integrity. We suggest the addition of natural Progesterone and our Electridine 358.1 Active Iodine tincture to balance hormones. It can help prevent the development or exacerbation of Estrogen Dominance, especially if the user is normal or slightly overweight. This is NOT a Lubricant. Research shows that this hormone can actually rebuild atrophied tissues and their function over time.
SUGGESTED USE: Apply 1-2 pumps (.5-1 mg.) to affected tissues, 1-2x day for a month, then 1-2x/week, or as didrected.
Amount per bott;e: 60 ml 2 fl. oz.
No.Uses per bottle: 30-60 depending on the amount used
1 pump: 1/16th tsp./312 ml. = 0.5 mg. USP Estriol
2 pumps: 1/8 tsp / .625 ml. = 1 mg. USP Estriol
NOTE: Use the least amount possible to achieve the desired effect.
Ingredients: USP Micronized Estriol in an essential oil blend of Safflower Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Sorbic Acid, Vanilla Oil.
References Available Upon Request
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