Professor Mattman graduated with a M.S. in Virology from Univ. of Kansas and a Ph.D. in Immunology from Yale. She has taught Immunology, Microbiology, Bacteriology, Virology, Pathology, and for 35 years worked in these fields at various schools and institutions incuding Harvard Univ., Howard Hughes Institute, Oakland Univ. and Wayne State Univ. where she is Professor Emeritis. Currently working for the Nelson Medical Research Institute studying the relationship of spirochetes involved in MS, Lymes, ALS.

We've Waited A long time for this one!...NEW Revised 3rd Edition. A Must Text for the serious student of Stealth Microbial Infections...Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, et al. Extremely Rare & Hard to Find Work...416 pages.

A thorough textbook on the topic of Pleomorphic forms and their relationship to disease (Bechamps work is not dead completely despite the damage done by Pasteur...)



Chapter1. History
Chapter 2: Definitions (L-Phase Variant; Protoplasts; Spheroplasts, etc.)
Chapter 3: Comparing Mycoplasma, CWD Forms, and Rikettsia
Chapter 4: Properties & Pecularities
Chapter 5: Composition of Cell Wall Deficient Forms
Chapter 6: Dissclosures by Electron Microscope
Chapter 7: Public Health & Nosocomial Facets
Chapter 8: Immunology
Chapter 9: Induction by Antibiotics, Organic Compounds, and Miscellanous Factors
Chapter 10: Reversion and Revertants
Chapter 11: Septicemia and Cardiopathies
Chapter 12: Intracellular Growth of CWD Forms
Chapter 13: L-Forms in Thrombi
Chapter 14: Urinary Tract Infections: Idiopathic Hematuria, Interstitial Cystitis, and Others
Chapter 15: Listeria monocytogenes Studies
Chapter 16: Latency and Persistence
Chapter 17: Meningitis and Associated Conditions
Chapter 18: Rheumatic Fever and Erysipelas
Chapter 19: Joint and Bone Disease
Chapter 20: Mycobacteriun tuberculosis and the Atypicals
Chapter 21: Sarcoidosis
Chapter 22: Leprosy
Chapter 23: Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Chapter 24: Characteristics of Filterable Forms
Chapter 25: Spirochetae
Chapter 26: Toxin Formation
Chapter 27: Fungi
Chapter 28: Sensitivity to Antimicrobial Agents
Chapter 29: Miscellaneous Disease and Malfunctions
Chapter 30: Phage
Chapter 31: Bacteriocins
Chapter 32: Entomology
Chapter 33: Ecology
Chapter 34: Soil Microorganisms
Chapter 35: Microbes and Malignancies
Chapter 36: Artifacts and Contaminants
Chapter 37: The Placenta
Chapter 38: Media, Methods and Stains
Chapter 39: Identification
Author Index
Subject Index

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