The ONCOblot® test confirms the presence of 25+ forms of cancer in a single serum test.
It gives you clear knowledge that allows for targeted intervention and a non-invasive way to determine the presence of cancer as well as the effectiveness of therapies and treatments in the management of cancer.
NON-INVASIVE SERUM TEST. No Biopsies. No Radiation. No Toxic Chemicals.
Sensitive Detection
The ONCOblot® Test is a highlly sensitive serum test that confirms the presence of cancer through the detection of ENOX2 proteins. These proteins are not secreted by normal cells. The ENOX2 protein species in the blood is unique and generated soleby by cancer cells. These proteins are shed into the circulation and can be detected in the blood at very early stages.
Determines Tissue of Origin
The ONCOblot® Test uses two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and immunoblot analysis with an ENOX2 protein-specific antibody to detect the presence and tissue of origin of cancer. Each form of ENOX2 has a specific location (molecular weight) and isoelectric point) on the blot to demonstrate ENOX2 presence and to identify the tissue of origin.
Accurate and Sensitive **2 Million vs. Several Billion Cells Required by other methods
The ONCOblot® Test identifies ENOX2 markers that are only produced by cancer cells and absent from non-cancer cells. The direct visualization of a marker reduces fals positives while revealing cancer present at the time of testing. The ONCOblot® Test is estimated to detect solid tumors of 2 million cells compared to hundreds of milliions to several billion cancer cells required for a positive Mammogram.
One Test ­ Multiple Purposes
Test Kits are Free. Tests are only available to our patients. A Lab Fee for the test will apply in addition to our consultation fee.
Test results are sent to our office in approximately 15 business days from date that the lab receives it. Test run approx. $850-$950 depending whether you are going to become our Europa clinic patient at our TJ clinic, or ordering through one of our affiliates here in the US.
This test requires a consultation in order for us to order this. Please call our So.Calif. office for more information about consultation options. (909)338-3533
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