Ozonide Inhalation Kit
Ozolizer™ is an accessorie device manufactured directly by our company. It is used in conjunction with any good oxygen fed ozone generaor. It consists of a matal stand attached to either a Quartz Stone Base (several colors) or a Natural Marble Stone Base, Glass Atomizer Bobble, Glass Swivel Outport which can be used alone or with tubing attached. The bottom of the bobble has 1/8" peroxide cured silicone tubing with kynar luer lock tubing adapters attached for connection to silicone tubing coming from the ozone generator as pictured below.
When specific terpenated oils (pine, spruce, camphor, eucallyptus, etc.) are exposed to ozone gas, they interact and produce a white spoke which is high in the active componenet ozonides. Dr.Holmer Bennett wrote a paper in 1912 called "Oxidized Blood through the agency of electrification in the treatment of Disease" in which he shows that low tissue oxygenation is present in all disease and early signs of trouble is a low body temperature.
You simply attach a good ozone generator which uses 100% oxygen or an oxygen concentrator as it's feed gas, to the glass bottle which has had a dropperful of specific oils put into it. When the ozone hits the oil, it makes a white ozonide smoke, which can be inhaled either straight or through a mask attached via silicone tubing attached to the Ozolizer outport at the top.
According to Dr.Benett's paper, Symptoms of Under Oxidation Include:
Ozolizer hooked up to our AHW1000 Ozone Generator, set at 100% power and 1/4 LPM on the oxygen flow rate on our Welding 100% Oxygen Tank Very Low Flow Regulator.
Ozolizer pictured with stand attached to natural quartz base and with silicone tubing with kynar luer lock tubing adapter attached.
May be used with our Ozoil blend or your own terpenated oil blends.
( Ozolizer shown here with faceted Natural Marble Base which looks like Picture Jasper)
Ozolizer Kit with 1 fl. oz. Ozoil Blend: $85.00
Ozolizer Kit Alone without oil $68.00

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