AHW1000 Ozone Generator
Oxygen & Air Fed w/Optional Air Dryer
Budget Friendly ~~ Loaded With Features
24 Volt Int'l. Compatible / Rated at 1000 mg. / hr.
This is a budget-friendly ozone generator which has features traditionally seen in much more expensive models. Ozone is activated oxygen. That is, when oxygen (02) hits an electric field, it split into 03, 04, etc. and it's sterilization is much higher in the activated state. That is why it smells like bleach after a rain storm with lightning...the lightning has hit the atmospheric 02 and turned into 03. It is not a pollutant. The amount of ozone in the atmosphere goes up when the pollutants go up in order to help clean up the toxic mess man has made.

1. High output cold corona discharge ozone method with low power consumption (25W).
2. High flow ball bearing cooling fan (25 CFM).
3. Precise ozone output calibration.
4. Can be fed with different air sources (oxygen or air)
5. Compact and rugged construction.

Ozone Output: Adjustable between 0-100% . See Output Chart Sample for More Detail.
100% Oxygen input (25° C / 77°F) :

SAMPLE OUTPUT (taken from factory test @ 100%-"10" on frequency dial using 100% oxygen as feed gas)
 Oxygen Flow Rate
 Ozone Output
(volume per hour)
 Ozone Density
 1/8 LPM
 600 mg /h
80 mg/L or mcg/ml
 1/4 LPM
 825 mg/h
 55 mg/L or mcg/ml
 1/2 LPM
 1350 mg/h
 45 mg/L or mcg/ml
 3/4 LPM
 1575 mg/h
 35 mg/L or mcg/ml
 1 LPM
 1800 mg/h
 30 mg/L or mcg/ml
 1.25 LPM
 1950 mg/h
 26 mg/L or mcg/ml
 1.5 LPM
 2025 mg/h
 22.5 mg/L or mcg/ml
 Stainless In & Out Ports 1/4"

Infinity Frequency Output Adjustment Dial
Ozone output is dependant on temperature and humidity so these numbers are general ranges, not specifics since every machine will have different humidity and temperatures it operates in. The cooler and drier the enviornment, the better.
The AHW1000 ozone generator is designed to continuously generate ozone by cold corona discharge. The conversion of oxygen to ozone occurs in a reaction cell excited by a highvoltage potential. A control circuit allows the user to manually adjust the ozone output between 40-100% of its rated output. An internal fan cools the circuitry. Ozone production rapidly declines as the temperature of the reaction cell increases, therefore keep the area around the generator free from obstructions to maximise air movement.
This ozone generator has a calibrated frequency dial that to regulate the ozone output on the front panel. A power switch to turn the unit on and IEC chassis plug are located on the rear panel. Ensure that the power lead fully engages the chassis plug before turning on the generator.
Model Name: AHW1000
Ozone Output Rating: 1000mg/h, adjustable w/ oxygen
Pump Output: No pump included
Power Source: DC 24V ( AC (100V-240V 50-60Hz 40W) to DC adaptor is included )
Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube) w/Stainless Steel dielectric
Dimension: 200mmX210mmX110mm
Net Weight 2.5 kg
Case: High strength painted metal.
Materials on Ozone Path: Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Air Cooled w/ fan
Power Consumption: 25 watts
Warranty: 1 yr. Limited Manufacturers
Origin: Asia
Water Purification
Food Sterilzation
Fish tank or Pond Sterilzation
Insufflations of ears, rectal, vaginal
To make ozonated oils for home use & breathing
Use with our Far Infrared Sauna System
$ 495.00 + S,H & I

We also offer copies of Dr.Bennett's 1912 Paper & Dr. Neel on the therapeutic benefits of OZOL. $5.00 per copy.
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