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The Blue Radiance is an elite innovation offering gentle muscle stimulation and blue spectrum light for restoring youthful facial skin and contours. Not just a muscle toner, this unique product combines the benefits of proprietary, light stimulation technology with a safe and proven muscle-toning circuit. And, as always, this vibrational energy product is designed for biological compatibility to make it good for you. Read below for the outstanding features of this product. We guarantee that you will love the Blue Radiance!
Features & Benefits
* Micro-current (less than 1 milliamp) for the safest and most regenerative muscle stimulation and for minimal sensation during use.
* Intense, ultra-bright blue spectrum light with internal amplification lens designed for maximum output. The technology in this feature stimulates cellular energy (ATP) for revitalizing the skin and has never been offered before in a personal facial product.
* The micro-current conduction area and the light-emitting lens are integrated into the treatment head for convenient use like an electric shaver & covers the entire face in a short time; no multiple probes, no finding acupuncture points, no guesswork.
* Easiest to use! Simply put gel on the face and run the treatment head on the face and neck in the sequences as recommended in the manual; sessions lasting 10 - 20 minutes every day are effective; maintenance use after maximum results are achieved may be twice a week.
* Gentle and safe to use around the eyes, face, throat and anywhere else on the body; no stinging, shocking, or aggressive pulsing of the muscles.
* Uses Grade 5 Titanium alloy, certified to body implant standards, for conduction points; for ultra compatibility with the body chemistry; no metal reactions.
* Finest quality gel for conduction is an oxygenation product, which improves the skin upon the first use and with continues uses.
* Achieve the benefits of salon facials at a fraction of the cost in your own home.
* The vibrational energy is good for the whole body; the beautiful blue light is relaxing to the whole energy field - a truly therapeutic experience.
* Try it for other applications such as light acupuncture on injuries, tension, and pain.
* All components are the finest quality, with the product made in the USA to the exacting specifications and under the direction of Sky David, M.P.T., physical therapist, scientist, and inventor. Sky David has designed the most effective and highly praised light technologies available for the holistic health practitioners today.
* Powered by one 9-volt battery.
How the Blue Radiance Facial Revitalizing System Works
Micro-current is electrical current under one milliamp of electrical energy. It is extremely low energy under 1 milliamp or measured in micro-amps. The finest salon toning equipment uses micro-current. Many studies have been done which show that micro-current is actually stimulating to cellular energy (ATP) in the dermis. Conversely, many personal facial toners on the market use higher current (above 1 milliamp). Studies have shown that at this strength of current the mitochondria of the cells are frozen. This means that the regenerative action of the cells is actually stopped! This higher current also causes uncomfortable shocking sensations in some people.
The Blue Radiance is so gentle that there is no sensation or very mild sensation when using it. Although it does not cause visible pulsing of the muscles, the facial muscles will tone with each application. Results may be seen with the first use. After daily use for 1 - 3 weeks it can be used less for maintenance. We have seen the results of just one session last for weeks.
The effects of aging vary with every person's skin type, sun exposure, heredity, and condition of health. Musle toning can lift sagging eyes, cheeks, jowls, and chins. But sometimes the skin takes longer to adjust to the tightened muscles, especially under the eyes.
The Blue Radiance has the technology to revitalize this skin. Regular use will show the improvements. The blue spectrum used in the Blue Radiance is in the exact wavelength (460 - 410 nanometer) that is known to induce action in the full group of "cytochrome oxidase enzymes." These enzymes are formed in the mitochondria (structures inside of the cells) and generate the ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the basic fuel for the cells to regenerate themselves. This is the key to renewing the vitality of skin.
Price: $495.00
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 yr full parts & labor
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