Have you tried Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to ameliorate symptoms of Menopause or Estrogen Dominance symptoms such as hot flashes, male breast enlargement from Lupron hormone treatment in Prostte Cancer, Memory decline, Vaginal Dryness, Thinning Skin, Poor Thyroid Conversion, Low Energy, Weight Gain, Insomnia, Low Stamina, etc.?
But it either didn't work or was minimally effective
GOOD NEWS ! Recent research has proven clinically that many of these issues are the result of what we call "hormone wasting" or excess Hormen Hyperexcretion by the Liver through an enzyme called p450. It can get up-regulated from many factors including environmental hormone disrupters.
The heme rotein p450 enzyme pathway is upregulated in the liver by various things like phytoestrogens (soy, flax oil, etc) , environmental estrogenic factors and hormone disrupters (organophosphates, BPA from plastics and other chemicals, microwaving food in plastic, drinking water in plastic bottles which get hot in cars, plasticizers and texturizers, etc. The up-regulation of p450 enzyme causes liver stress and produces hormone hyperexcretion, especially estrogens. Cobalt down regulates these enzymes and allows hormone levels in tissue to normalize. Cobalt supplementation can be discontinued once the cytochrome p450 enzyme have normalized. If symptoms return, lab tests can easily detect reoccurrent hyperexcretion and cobalt can be temporarily used again.**
The mineral Cobalt has low toxicity in all species studied including humans. A stury of children in 28 instiutions scattered across the USA found that unsupplemented dietary cobalt ingestion ranged from 300-1770 micrograms daily. However other studies have reported levels from 6-580 mcg. Levels will vary depending on the soil and water levels in the region.
People deficient in cobalt can end up with "upregulated" liver hormone-metabolizing p450 enzymes. The mineral Cobalt down-regulates it's activity so these hormones can normalize resulting in concomminant symptomatic relief. We always recommend doing this in conjunction with a good Nutrition and Detoxification Program to hel preduce liver and hormone stress on the body in general.
Easy to Use ! -- Just Flip open, Squirt, Hold for 1 Minute & Swallow
Pure Water Soluable Elemental Nanometer Cobalt. Stable. Not bound to chloride, sulphur or other unnecessary chemicals
Bio-Available is Instant. Sublingual sbsorption through the capillaries in the mouth directly into the blood is over 95%
Avoids disadvantages of poor digestion of mineral powders and uneven absorption. Can even be used rectally as a retention enema
Effectively inhibits p450 liver enzyme hyperactivity which causes excess excretion of hormones
Safe & Effective
Fast Acting Means More Rapid Symptomatic Relief
No beads to suck on whch can accidentally be swallowed
Ionic Beads with Cobalt are only available thorugh licensed physicians. Ours is available to anyone and is superior
Reverses Bio-Identical Hormone Theray Failure
Reverses Hormone Hyperexcretion, Reducing Hot Flasshes and other symptoms
May reduce the carcinogenic risk of zeno-estrogens and other endocrine disrupters
Pure Elemental Nano-Cobalt is the most bioavailable pure form of the mineral available and much less cumbersome than old fashioned ionic-cobalt chloride beads popularized by Dr.John Myer (Of I.V.Myers Cocktail Fame).
Serving Size: 1 tablespoon (TBSP)
No.Servings: 64
Amount per Serving: .090 mg / .90 mcg.
Pure Elemental Water Soluable Cobalt
Other Ingredients: Purified Water. No additives or preservatives 
Squirt approx. 1-2 tablespoons and hold in the mouth 30 seconds - 1 minute for max absorption. Use 4-6 times per day or as directed. Effective dose for p450 enzyme inhibition is 400-600 mcg (.4-.6 mg.) per day until symptoms abate.
Packaging: 16 fl.oz. Flip Top PET Bottle
Price: $21.45 USD
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