D.M.S.O. (dimethylsuphoxide)
A wide range of primary pharmacological actions of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) has been documented in laboratory studies: membrane transport, effects on connective tissue, anti-inflammation, nerve blockade (analgesia), bacteriostasis, diuresis, enhancements or reduction of the effectiveness of other drugs, cholinesterase inhibition, nonspecific enhancement of resistance to infection, vasodilation, muscle relaxation, antagonism to platelet aggregation, and influence on serum cholesterol in emperimental hypercholesterolemia. This substance induces differntiation and functionof leukemic and other malignant cells. DMSO also has prophylactic radioprotective properties and cryoprotective actions.It protects against ischemic injury. (1986 Academic Press, Inc.)**

The pharmacologic actions of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) have stimulated much research. The purpose of this report is to summarize current concepts in this area.

When the theorectical basis of DMSO action is described, we can list literally dozens of primary pharmacologic actions.This relatively brief summary will touch on only a few:**

(A) membrane penetration
(B) membrane transport
(C) effects on connective tissue
(D) anti-inflamation
(E) nerve blockade (analgesia)
(F) bacteriostasis
(G) diuresis
(H) enhancement or reduction of effectiveness of other drugs
(I) cholinsterase inhibition
(J) nonspecific enhancement of resistance of infection
(K) vasodilation
(L) muscle relaxation
(M) enhancement of cell differentiation and function
(N) antagonism to platelet aggregation
(O) influence on serum cholesterol in experimental hypercholesterolemia
(P) radio-protective and cryoprotective actions
(Q) protection against ischemic injury

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http://www.dmso.org/ (Dr.Stanley Jacobs site)
DMSO Abstract

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