Solar energy from the sun covers a broad energy ban including infrared, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays. Only a small amount of these solar rays are visible as colors. The great amount of the sun's energy output is in the infrared segment of the spectrum. This band of light is not visible but can be felt as heat.
The infrared segment of that electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three segments by wave frequencies and wave lengths. Wavelengths are measured in microns (µ).

Near (short) infrared : 0.75-1.5 µ
Middle infrared : 3.0-4.0 µ
Far infrared : 4.1-1000 µ

A narrow spectrum between 4.8 µ to 15 µ has been shown to have particularly beneficial effects on the human body, which radiates around 9-10 µ.

How do the IR waves heat the body? --- FROM THE INSIDE OUT !


The method of heat transmission by FIR is mainly based on radiation which transmits the heat directly to the substance through vibration of the water molecules present (see chart below). It does NOT heat the air. When FIR is absorbed by and penetrates into the substance, it causes the molecular construction of the substance to vibrate fiercely (restructuring water molecules and making them highly active) and change to be thermal energy immediately, and the body temperature of substance climbs. This is the characteristic that the substance is heated without help of hot air and is unique to far infrared energy. FIR waves are not sensitive to the light or dark color, and it can penetrate and be absorbed by various colored substances with the same speed, and it is the safest radiant thermal energy. This principle of heat transmission enables us to make a sauna at low temperature which produces deep sebaceous sweat.


When any tissue is exposed to FIR waves, whether radiated by sunlight or reflected by specially designed devices, there is a rapid increase in warmth which can be shown by a thermography. This heat activates the several other response mechanisms and stimulates the healing process. Many researches show that FIR waves.

 FIR Energy Vibrates Water Molecules Around Our Cells, Producing Heat

If the power source driving the FIR Energy is insufficient, the FIR energy can't penetrate well . Sufficient power is required for the FIR Energy to affect all the billioins of water molecules in the body, which are all connected to each other and transfering the energy one at a time...

Far Infrared Energy's Effect on Water
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