50 ml. Serum in Oxygen & Light Free Precision Dose Pump
Characteristically, women lose progesterone at a faster rate after the age of 35. In fact, many younger women suffering from the punishment of PMS symptoms are often due to early lack of progesterone in their bodies. Dr. Neils Lauersen M.D. co-author of the book titled "PMS" is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecologist at the medical college, he claims that 90 % of his patients have tried Progesterone hormone and found relief when nothing else works.
According to Dr. John Lee, M.D., a specialist in Progesterone and author of several books on the subject, both men and women suffer from the excess of estrogen in the body. Dr. Lee has written a number of books discussing the negative excesses of the estrogen in the woman causing fluid retention, moodiness, swollen tender breast, increased uterine fibrosis and ovarian cyst. Dr. Lee's extensive research on the negative effects of estrogen published at the National Clinical Review, a clinical report of over 100 menopausal women using natural progesterone. The wonderful effects of natural progesterone are near "miraculous". Women rely on natural progesterone in cases of pre-menstrual symptoms as well as menopause symptoms, have had relief of their anxieties, depression, and calms and relax their body. Progesterone may also provide a good night sleep. It is a wonderful natural diuretic to your water retention problem and bloating. It has an effective natural protector of uterine cancer, fibroids, endometriosis as well as protection for breast and fibrocystic changes.
Can it help Osteoporosis?
Progesterone is one of the few natural hormones that act as a positive Osteoblast. The cells grow bones to prevent both men and woman's osteoporosis and degenerative changes of the bones as we get older. It is truly effective in stopping this horrible epidemic condition of osteoporosis. There are nearly 28 million cases of osteoporosis in the United States, of those 150 thousand women die from osteoporosis fractures of the vertebral, spine, hips, etc.
Can Progesterone positively affect cell growth?
Dr. Joel Hargrove from Vanderbilt School published studies showing that progesterone stopped the estrogen proliferation and it is a major protection of the uterine cancer, fibroids, and ovarian cysts. Progesterone occupies estrogen receptor sites in men and women, therefore, there is less estrogen damage to tissues.
Dr. Loran Fitzpatrick from Mayo Clinic: "Progesterone can decrease some of the estrogen replacement therapy risk of endometriosis and cancers. Progesterone can also reduce the sleep disorders anxiety and depression. A wonderful member of the hormone team with progesterone for men and women. The other members are DHEA, pregnenolone , and testosterone."
Progesterone Specialist is made of natural Bio-identical herbal extract hormones that synergistically boost the effects of progesterone. Progesterone Specialist also contains USP Progesterone 20 mg per dose.
What makes Progesterone Specialist different from the other creams?
Progesterone is fat soluble. If you use unprotected progesterone creams, most often found in the stores, you may accumulate progesterone hormone on the skin. After a number of years of such accumulations, it may lead to toxic level accumulations of progesterone in the body.
Progesterone Specialist is "Double Protected". The active progesterone is actually protected and micro encapsulated inside of an essential phospholipids. These unique essential phospholipids are made of natural substances that are in our cell walls. This double protection allows progesterone to cross transdermally without progesterone depositing on the skin.
Is progesterone only for women?
Progesterone is unique because it is used to great advantage for men also. A natural booster of the testosterone as well as extremely active attaching the estrogen receptor sites to decrease prostate complications. New research has come to light that progesterone is an essential anti-aging hormone for men.
This enriched, double protected liposome cream, contains natural vitamins, Chastetree extracts and USP progesterone, may protect women from uterine cancer, fibroids, and for ovarian cancer and cystic changes of the ovary. It may also prevent bone osteoporosis, calms and relaxes the body. It is a wonderful diuretic that improves the sleep patterns and normal relaxation, great for anti-depression and PMS symptoms.
· Micronized pleoliposome technology
· Minimize direct contact of progesterone hormone to the skin
· Diminish accumulation of fatty soluble progesterone hormones on the skin
· More consistent and accurate dosing
· Wonderful benefits of EPL (Essential Phospholipids) carrier
· Totally Natural vehicle
· Bioequivalent Phytoextract Progesterone hormones
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Proprietary Blend:
1380 mg. USP Progesterone per bottle / Progesterone per pump: 5 mg.
In a base of: Fulvic extract, Essential Phospholipids,Evening Primrose Oil,Shea Butter, Veg.Glycerine, USP Progesterone Cream, Chastree, Dong Quai, Rhodiola, P.Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, Almond Oil, Hemp Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E,Vitamin A, Allantgoin, NuPea, Dimethicone (flow agent).
Dose Size: 2 Pumps (10 mg) twice daily on forearm or other thin skinned areas, or as directed by healthcare professional
# Doses per Container: 90
50 ml pump / $44.95
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